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November 8, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Sebastian took care of me when Arthur died you thought and looked at him. ''I've made my choice'' you said and looked both of them. They were staring each other and you frowned. ''Sebastian, I choose you'' you said and your eyes turned glowing pink. He smirked and knelt down. He looked at you and whispered silently thank you. You turned to look Claude who turned away from you. ''I hope you understand'' you said and grabbed Sebastian's hand. ''I love you (y/n)'' he said and lifted your head and kissed you forcely. You moaned immediately.

~Sebastian's pov~

I kissed harshly (y/n) to the lips and I smirked to her. ''Stop teasing me Sebastian'' she hissed and suddenly I saw a pair of cat ears. ''My kitty is back!'' I said happily and took her hand and I placed a gentle kiss to its knuckles. ''Sebastian...'' (y/n) said and facepalmed. ''I'm sorry but you look so cute or should I say ravishing'' I said seductively to my mate's ear. ''Oh really?'' she added teasingly and pulled me to another harsh kiss. ''I love you Sebastian Michaelis and you are My King. And my crow.'' she said and smiled wickedly and I answered to her smile by one of my smirkes. ''My cat demon'' I said and grabbed her bridal style. I carried her to my bedroom and I smiled to her. ''How did-?'' (y/n) asked confused but I smirked her still. ''I'm demon remember'' I said and smiled. ''Yes, one hell of a demon you are'' (y/n) said and nibbled my ear. I growled and threw my cat to my bed. She laughed for the first time and just sat there. ''My love, what is so funny?'' I asked and frowned.
   ''Shouldn't we...?'' she asked and the rest was told to me by her position. I crawled to her so I was on the top. ''You're beautiful'' I said but she sighed annoyed. ''Just shut up and kiss me!'' she said annoyed and licked my lips. ''Oh my someone is waiting'' I said and growled. ''Are going to mate with me or are you going to talk?'' she asked and layed once again on her back. ''Mate with My Queen'' I said and kissed gently her lips. I moved my hands to her hips and she was getting annoyed. ''Oh c'mon'' she groaned and suddenly she was on top of me. She bended to kiss me and ripped my shirt off with her claws. (y/n) was amazed that she didn't any cut on my chest. ''Finally some action'' she said darkly and chuckled seductively. That's my demon queen. She's truly Lucifer's daughter I thought and I placed (y/n) again under me. ''You…'' she whispered and cupped my face. ''Because I'm one hell of a lover'' I said seductively and she laughed turning her head away so I could see her lovely neck more. I started to suck first gently and then I fastened my sucking. She shivered under me and I smirked. Started to get exited? I thought and she laughed. Shut up my crow I heard her orders which I started to obey. I made my way to her chest and saw she was wearing a black-laced shirt which was covered by dark black corset. ''How are you able to wear this?'' I asked and helped her out of her corset. ''I don't know. I'm amazed as well.'' she answered quietly. I flipped her again under me and I continued my pleasuring.

~Your pov~

You couldn't stand it anymore. Your clit became more and more wetter and your eyes became glowing pink. ''S-S-Sebastian!'' you screamed and dugged your nails into his back which he shivered. ''I'm sorry but you are so good'' you admitted shamed. ''Because I'm one hell of a lover, darling'' he repeated eyes also glowing pink. Sebastian's tongue was licking your nipple while his hand was working on your other breast. You arched your back so your breast became more deeper into Sebastian's mouth. ''Aaaah… Sebastian…'' you moaned louder. He moved his wet flesh from your nipple to your stomach. When he came to your waist, he started to remove your skirt. ''You're beautiful'' he repeated and you smirked. ''Sebastian… please…'' you started but your face was telling you needed to warm inside. ''Yes my Queen'' he said and his index finger on your opening. ''Ready?'' he asked but you took his finger to your mouth and licked it a little bit. ''Now!'' you ordered and Sebastian thrusted you slowly and gently. You vinced from the pain but it faded away. He noticed this and started slowly thrust his finger to reaching your orgasm. You moaned and groaned and the same time you screamed your mate's name. ''SEBASTIAN! I'M CUMMING!'' you screamed and your love juices spread on Sebastian's finger. He licked them away seductively. ''Do you want to return the favour?'' he asked but you looked at him annoyed. ''Not today Sebby-chan. Just take me!'' you screamed and started to remove his pants. Oh my Hell! He's huge you thought and once again you lyed on your back. ''Take me Sebastian'' you said and grabbed him from his tie. He smirked and placed himself to your entrance. ''Are you ready?'' he asked and you nodded. Then he slowly entered in you and you winced from passion which he had brought to you.
  ''S-S-Sebastian…'' you said whispering and kept looking at your mate while he was thrusting in you. ''(y/n)…'' he whispered and kissed you first softly and then he forced his tongue inside your mouth. His tongue explored throughout your wet cavern and he slowly began to make faster thrusts. ''Sebastian! I'm cuming!'' you screamed louder this time. ''I'm too…'' he said and then your both orgasms came and Sebastian fell beside you. ''My cat demon'' Sebastian said and touched your cheek. ''My crow demon'' you said kissed him. ''Oh by the way where are we?'' you asked curiously. He smirked again and whispered to your ear: ''In bocchan's manor''

''What?! Then he has heard all our action?'' you said in panic and hid your face immediately on your hands.

~Next day~

~No one's pov~

''Good morning young master. I've prepared some things you must do today.'' Sebastian said and opened curtains revealing Earl Phantomhive still sleeping. ''Young master?'' he asked and slightly removed the blanket. ''Sebastian. Let me sleep because I heard everything last night.'' he whispered and Sebastian was actually amazed. ''But young master how you were able to hear that?'' Sebastian asked and Ciel just smiled mischievously. ''I've my ways'' he said and went back to sleep. But then (y/n) entered to the room and laughed at Ciel. ''Mi'lord please you must wake up now.'' she said and smiled for the first time. ''Very well. I will join with you soon Mi'lady.'' he said frowning and (y/n) left with Sebastian from the room. ''So he heard everything last night?'' (y/n) asked frowning and Sebastian smiled cupping his mate's face. ''Don't worry my queen. I shall dress bocchan quickly and then I will join with him to your company and we will explain everything.'' he said and kissed (y/n)'s forehead. ''Actually I will. You remain silent.'' she said darkly and kissed Sebastian.

~Your pov~
Mom and Dad. I'm ready to spent my life with the man I love deeply. you thought and closed your eyes.

Okay enjoy my first lemon guys! It's end. Wow I must admit it was hard to write and considering it's Black Butler fanfiction! :O I'm proud of myself. Well I think I'll do some requests from Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia but now I'm busy with school so I don't enough time to write :'( So have fun and I think you need lots of tissues to your nosebleeds! :D

Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso
You belong to yourself or Sebastian himself <3


EDIT 2: 12,000 views and 230 (I can't remember the right amount!) favs??!! :O You guys are awesome!!!!!! I must not cry! *cries anyway*
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