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~Arthur's pov~

''Good morning m'lady. It's a beautiful morning. I've prepared the things you must do today.'' I entered to m'lady's room and opened the curtains. Usually she would answer to me, but she didn't again answer. ''M'lady? Are you awake?'' I said and came closer to her bed. I took sheets away and she wasn't there again. ''Is she insane? She has left again.'' I sighed and left from the room.

~Your pov~

You were walking again at the same yard where you met the black-haired man. He was again standing outside and sighed loudly. ''Sebastian! TEA!!'' yelled 13-year-old boy inside the house. ''Again?'' Sebastian called man sighed. He had cuddled another cat who left from the yard. Is this the man who punied me yesterday? you wondered and ran towards the yard. You sat on the stairs and waited Sebastian. When he finally came out, you meowed loudly. ''Oh?'' he noticed you and his gaze softened. ''My. Aren't you the same cat who came here yesterday?'' he asked and you answered by meowing. ''You are so beautiful. Why your owner has abandoned you?'' he contiuned. You purred loudly against him and he became happier. I think Arthur is getting worried about me! you wondered and decided to use your chance to transform into human.

~Sebastian's pov~

The cat suddenly jumped from my lap and transformed into most beautiful female. She had (h/c), (h/l) hair and she was in her nightgown. ''Meow'' she said and touched my cheek. ''Remember. This is a secret.'' she whispered to my ear and transformed back into cat and ran away from yard. She looked like a mermaid but only in cat's form.

~Your pov~

You ran to your house and hoped that Arthur hadn't notice you were missing. ''M'LADY!'' for your surprise he called and you transformed into human. ''Yes, Arthur?'' you asked happily and smiled. ''M'lady! You are still in your nightgown? Come quickly inside. You must get ready for Lord Trancy's ball!'' Arthur said and escorted you inside. ''I know Arthur. I'm terribly sorry about it.'' you apologized and hugged your butler. ''M-m-m'lady... I think this is inappropiate..'' he tried to contiune but you smiled. ''You are my friend Arthur and that's matters.'' you said and smiled. Your father died when you were 14 years old and Arthur were your family's butler's son. He took always care of you with his father. You sighed and looked your family's portrait. ''What's wrong m'lady?'' Arthur asked. ''I just miss Dad'' you said and forced a happy smile to your face. ''Is my costume by the way ready?'' you asked. ''Yes, but it isn't a cat costume.'' Arthur said smiling. You walked to your room and saw your mother's dress hanging beside your bed. ''I can't believe that we still have this!'' you gasped and touched this. ''Aah, memories.'' you said and took the dress near you and remembered your mother.

~Your flashback~

''Mom! Why I can't come with you?'' you cried and grabbed your mother's skirt. ''Dear (y/n). You can come next time when you are little older!'' your mother said smiling and your father knelt to your height. ''You look more our princess then. And beside it's over your bedtime. Klaus!'' your father said and called your butler. ''Yes sir?'' Klaus asked. ''Take (y/n) to the bed. I think that Arthur wants be with her too.'' your father said smiling. ''Yes sir'' Klaus said and bowed. ''Come miss (y/n).'' he said and offered you his hand.

~Back to the present~

''I shall wear this Arthur'' you said and Arthur bowed. ''Yes ma'am'' he said and left you exchange from your nightgown to corset and underskirt. ''Do you need any help?'' he asked. ''Yes thank you'' you said and turned your back to Arthur so he could tie your corset. I wonder if Sebastian comes there you wondered. ''Arthur.'' you began. ''Yes m'lady?'' he said while tieing your corset. ''Who's butler is Sebastian?'' you asked. ''Oh. He's Phantomhive family's butler. I've seen him couple times in city.'' he said. I have heard that name once. But where exactly? you thought. ''The head of Phantomhive family is Ciel Phantomhive. He's 6 years younger than you m'lady.'' Arthur contiuned. ''6 years? Then he must be 13 years old!'' you wondered. ''Yes. The poor boy lost his parents but I don't know how.'' Arthur said and you could hear from his voice that he was pretty shocked. We are in same situation you thought. ''M'lady. Your corset is now ready. I shall now go make some tea for you, so you can prepare to the ball.'' Arthur said and left from the room. You took your dress from the hanger and called your maid Sigrid. ''Yes m'lady?'' she said and curtisied. ''Could help me with dress? It's a bit hard to dress on.'' you said smiling. ''Yes ma'am.'' Sigrid said and put the dress on you. Your dress were blood red, which had behind alot of layers. Sigrid was doing your hair and sang same time. ''What are you singing?'' you asked curiously. ''Edelweiss. From my homecountry.'' she answered sadly. ''You miss your homeland lot, I think.'' you said and smiled to her. ''Yes. I'm just little bit sad because we had to leave from there. My mother and sister died here, but I survived because of you.'' Sigrid said and started to smile. You had taken Sigrid in and after that you were closest friends.
    ''Now, I think you are ready!'' Sigrid said and smiled to you. Your hair was pinned up and you wore a white hat on your head. You had fingerless, black lace gloves. You were so beautiful. ''M'lady? Are you ready?'' Arthur knocked on the door and entered. His face was so amusing because you bursted laughing. ''Haha! Arthur you should seriously see your face!'' you said and laughed. ''M'lady! You shouldn't laugh!'' Sigrid said. ''Oh, yes. I'm sorry about it.'' you said and looked from the mirror your makeup. You had red lipstick and a bit of blush. ''M'lady.'' Arthur said and bowed when you passed him.

~Sebastian's pov~

''Sebastian. Why do I have to go lord Trancy's ball?'' young master asked and looked away. ''Lady Elizabeth is coming there too with Lady Middleford.'' I informed young master and opened to him carriage's door.

~Your pov~

You stood infront of your carriage and Arthur looked at you. ''M'lady? Is something wrong?'' he asked. ''Oh no. I'm fine.'' you lied, but you knew something was going to happen.

~(?)'s pov~

I looked outside guests and I saw a lady. She was charmingly beautiful with her blood red dress, white hat and black gloves. She seemed to be nervous. ''Claude? I assume that everything is ready?'' my master said. ''Yes, Your Highness'' I said and bowed. ''Good. What are you by the way looking at?'' he asked. ''One lady, who's walking to the manor. I think she's first one here.'' I said. ''Go open the door Claude. I shall joy her soon.'' he said and left. I bowed and left to the door.
Chapter 2 is out! This was easy to write and I think I shall start chapt 3. :)

Chapt 1. [link]
Chapt 2. :reading:
Chapt 3. [link]
Chapt 4. [link]

Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler © Yana Toboso
You belong to yourself
Arthur and Sigrid belong to me
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It's a good story but ya need to fix it. There's a lot of grammar mistakes.
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I hope that I won't insult you by this but I don't have enough time to fix this story and I'm stressed enough... I wish I could but my finals are in two months so I can't do that. It would be very nice if I have a beta reader :)
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